Baby steps

As the studio is still in progress, we’ve had a little time on our hands so we’ve refreshed the house & gardens as hopefully once the studio opens I’ll be too busy to complete such mundane tasks!! Just kidding!! There’s always been a need in me to create beautiful rooms within my home, if I lived in America I’d have studied interior design instead but in my little village location there wouldn’t be too much call for an interior designer so photography was the next best thing. I’ve always had a graphic design interest too & looked into studying it alongside photography but with a house to run, a family to keep and a business to open, I felt it would be too much to take on all at once… Anyway, off topic a little there but after decorating my daughters room I wanted to produce our own unique versions of some of the popular prints about for sale at the minute. So here is our first collaborated graphic design project!!

Hope you enjoyed reading!!!


Melissa xximage.jpeg


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