Juxtapositions intrigue me… my eye is naturally drawn to them everywhere and I love using them within my works as do many creatives. Naturally occurring juxtapositions then like this one I love stumbling across, this image is a gem without any input from me other than taking the shot.

From the contrasting deep, brown of the tree to the stark, white of the wall, to the visible opposing textures of the smoother wall in comparison to the more brittle tree & branches.

Also the contrasting materials present… the concrete wall & floor to the glass ceiling and partition and also of course the irony of the presence of the wood in its purely natural form of the tree to its man made form of the potting bench & door is hard to miss.

Then of course the (again ironic) juxtaposition of a tree representing nature & freedom yet being enclosed within this building where it can sense, see & feel the nature all around yet it itself is contained – for now at least anyhow.

I really enjoy this image & all its juxtapositions and ironies and I hope you do too.

Until next time…


Melissa xxIMG_0330.JPG


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